Are The Newly Elected Leaders Being Holi-politicians?

Politicians, old or new, are faced with diverse challenges that somehow baffled their innate intention in ruling a nation. Remember that these politicians are not different from us, from any ordinary individual. They have pure and good intentions although somehow they are also attractive baits of materialism and greed.


Before they achieved their positions, some of them were once faithful, loyal, hardworking and sincere servants who passed our moral standards leading to their promotion from our votes. This is a reality in Philippine politics. The newly elected leaders are former government officials who were then incumbent vice-mayors or councilors who made remarkable efforts in leading a city, a town or a barangay. They have carved their own names in order to make a difference for their fellowmen. These are our leaders, the ones we chose. We are the ones who gave them permission to either lead us or corrupt us. It’s our choice.

Should we allow them to do the latter?

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Let Our Spiritual Thoughts Overrule Our Mind and Body

As humans, we are diligently designed with parts functioning together to make us whole.  Two of our major parts are our body and mind. Our body is the physical manifestation of our existence while our mind is the powerhouse of our reasoning and thoughts.

When we start gaining consciousness in this world, our senses are exposed to different perceptions, memory, thinking, consciousness and judgment that are processed by our minds. The mental ability of our minds includes, but does not limit, the function of our cognitive faculties. It includes how we imagine, recognize, appreciate and process our feelings and emotions to end up with our attitudes and actions.


The body enacts our actions and represents our attitudes. It is understood that our thoughts reflect through our actions and our thoughts are the influence we adopt from our exposures. So thoughts that are pure and good lead to pure actions and good attitude. Thoughts that are polluted with anger and jealousy result to ill-mannered attitude and negative actions.  

As spiritual beings, the neatness of our thoughts plays a crucial influence to the cleanliness of our human actions. It is important that we have clean thoughts before becoming physically and environmentally clean. This notion of mental peace clashes to different philosophical principles of earthly success and happiness.

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Reflecting On Karma This All Souls Day

compassionIt has been a tradition for me and my family to visit the cemetery and spend time with our beloved departed souls, praying for their heavenly rest every All Souls Day. When I was at the age of curiosity, I remembered asking my mother, “How will I go to heaven?”

She hesitantly replied, “The only way to heaven is through our own death.” She added, “In heaven, we are judged so while we are on earth we have to do good.”

I live by her answers trying to search for the qualities of being good and to do goodness while my time is ticking on earth.

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A Spiritual Perspective On The Difference Between Lust and Love

sunset-538286_1280In this most auspicious age of confluence, an age of revelation and information carried out through fast and highly advanced technology, it is better to have an inquisitive mind to benefit more from life.

We just need to open our minds, savor the information we receive, and recall the salient information so we can maximize it well for our own use. Like in the case of the spiritual perspective on the difference between lust and love, we can benefit from learning by being inquisitive about these issues from the right people and the right source of information.

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How To Nurture Your Child’s Love For Learning


God is the original and spiritual parent of all souls, of human beings, of all spiritual children. If this is our consciousness, then we can accept with open minds that we are all merely God’s chosen stewards and appointed trustees of our children. At the end of the day, every single soul rightfully belongs to God. We are just the physical parents, or trustees, of God’s children. If we treat them as our own, like physical and material objects, they will become the objects of both our love and hate.

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Manage Your Anger At Work

anger management

In everyday life and  in this field of actions, every time we act and move, we either settle or accumulate karmic accounts and bondages, without us being conscious of it. The whole day, from our beds to our workplaces and back, we continue settling or accumulating karmic accounts.

When we do good deeds, we get an extra bonus. The same thing happens when we do not-so-good things. We get the return plus interest.

The challenge therein is to determine what leads a person in doing the “not-so-good” things?

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